MLS watching the best to pick up tip for training

Major League Soccer (MLS) has seen an increase in its viewership, evidence of the growing popularity of soccer in North America. The 2022 regular season matches attracted an average of 343,000 TV viewers, positioning MLS’s viewership on par with that of an NHL game. The escalating interest culminated in the 2022 MLS Cup final, which surpassed the viewership of the 2020 Stanley Cup final, highlighting a significant milestone in the league’s history. 

Furthermore, attendance at MLS games has shown an impressive upward trajectory, from 8.6 million in 2019 to a projected attendance of 10.9 million in 2023. The burgeoning fan base underscores the league’s expanding appeal and opens a treasure trove of opportunities for fans to glean valuable training tips and insights. 

By closely watching MLS games, enthusiasts and aspiring players can absorb tactical nuances, strategic plays, and individual skills demonstrated by professional athletes, enriching their understanding and approach to the game.

Harnessing Train with MLS for Elite Training Insights

Major League Soccer unveiled Train with MLS, a digital portal designed to serve players, coaches, and parents with many training videos, drills, workouts, and coaching tips. This initiative, featuring content from MLS clubs and first-team coaches, spans various categories such as Ball Mastery, Dribbling, and Fitness, making it a central repository for soccer education. 

The portal offers content at varying difficulty levels—fundamental, intermediate, and advanced—ensuring that individuals at all stages of their soccer journey can find value. Importantly, the portal allows for customization of training to match an athlete’s skill level, enabling focused development in areas such as ball control and first-touch drills​.

The Role of Watching MLS Matches and Highlights

Observing live matches and highlight reels is crucial to soccer education. They offer insights into tactical strategies, player positioning, and teamwork. MLS teams often produce their highlight packages and post-match analysis through official websites, apps, or social media channels. These resources provide a unique window into the team’s approach and strategies. 

Observing players of Messi’s caliber offers an unparalleled chance to learn from the best, understanding the game-changing strategies, skillful execution, and unparalleled vision on the field. Messi’s influence has been so significant that it has transformed Inter Miami’s prospects, with the best betting apps now favoring them to win the ongoing MLS season, assigning odds of +290. This turn of events underscores the impact a single player can have on a team’s performance and its standing in the league. Fans and aspiring soccer players watching MLS matches can absorb many tactical insights and individual skills, enhancing their appreciation and understanding of soccer at its finest.

Streaming services like ESPN+, fuboTV, and DAZN further enrich this experience by offering access to match highlights and replays, allowing fans to rewatch key moments or catch up on missed action. MLS Live, the league’s official streaming platform, offers live and on-demand access to matches, ensuring fans never miss a beat of the action​​.

Engaging with Club and Player Content

Major League Soccer clubs and players often share insights, training tips, and personal experiences through various media channels. Following your favorite MLS clubs and players on social media platforms can provide direct access to their training routines, preparation methods, and motivational strategies. 

Many players and coaches share their journeys, challenges, and success stories, which can be incredibly inspiring and informative. This direct insight into the professional world offers unique perspectives that can influence and enhance individual and team training sessions.

Utilizing Analytical Tools and Data

With sports’ digital transformation, data analytics in soccer have skyrocketed in availability and importance. The MLS official website offers in-depth statistical data, player analytics, and team performance metrics. By understanding these analytics, players and coaches can identify trends, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 

Analyzing game data can help tailor training sessions to focus on specific skills, strategies, and fitness levels required to meet the competitive standards of MLS play.

Integrating Video Analysis into Training

The use of video analysis has become an indispensable tool in modern soccer coaching. By reviewing match footage, training sessions, and individual performances, players and coaches can gain critical insights into tactical approaches, player movements, and decision-making on the field. 

MLS and its teams often release match analyses and breakdowns, which can serve as excellent educational tools. Analyzing these videos can help understand the nuances of professional play, including positioning, awareness, and game tempo. 

Incorporating these analyses into regular training routines can bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a visual learning experience that complements physical training.


Watching MLS and using the Train with MLS portal can significantly enhance a player’s or coach’s approach to soccer training. Through careful observation of matches, engagement with training content, and understanding the league’s schedule, individuals can extract valuable lessons and practices to apply in their development journey. MLS’s initiatives foster a deeper connection with the sport and empower the soccer community with the tools and knowledge to excel.