Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When it Comes to Speed Training

In this part of soccer fitness guide I will give you some tips on how to avoid mistakes while participating in speed training.

Keep in mind that leaving out any of these points will decrease the conditioning method, as well as your performance on the field.


One method you may use to avoid overtraining is to listen on the signals of your body. If you feel pain in some of your muscles then you need to rest a while.

If you can’t perform 100 % at your practice then what is the point of participating in it? Instead, take a day off and let your muscles recover.

Having Pain, But Still Practicing

Never participate in an exercise if you feel unnatural pain. This is very important even if you really don’t want to skip your practice.

Practicing with an injury is truly asking for problems. If you feel pain in some part of your body and suspect an injury, stop training immediately!

Pushing forward can only cause more damage. Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether a muscle pain is a sign of injury or not.

One thing you can do is to sit down on the ground for 10 minutes or so.

After that you can try to participate in the exercises again. If you still feel the same pain, you need to quit your training session completely.

Not Performing the Exercises Right

While practicing on your speed training you need to know how to perform the exercises right.

This is very important because by performing the exercises right you will be able to increase you overall speed too.

However, don’t knowing what you are doing will not bring you any good results. Instead, you will remain at the same speed level as before.

Not Preparing Well

Many soccer players think that good preparation doesn’t affect their performance too much.

But, if you want good results from your training then you will also need to prepare well for it.

Good preparation includes eating properly, sleeping well and drinking enough water. These three will be the key factors in your training.

Cheating on Your Practice

Many soccer players hate speed training and so do I. However, it is a part that has to be done.

If you avoid going to the practice just because you do not want to participate in speed training, then you are on the wrong path.

Speed training will not only help you increase your performance. You will also become more resistant against injuries.


I admit that fitness training is boring and cannot be compared to practicing on your ball skills.

However, it must be done, and the sooner you accept it, the less frustrated you’ll be!