Simple Weight Program for Soccer Players

In order to increase your overall strength I have created a simple weight program that you should print out and take with you to the gym.

This program is very efficient both for beginners and more advanced players. However, you should not use this program more than 3 sessions per week.

You should not practice on weight training less than 2 days before your game. During your regular season you need to cut your weight training down to one or maximum two sessions per week.

Few Words Before We Start…

All exercises mentioned in this article are linked to a professional weight lifting site where you will read how to perform the exercise right.

The reason is that if you don’t know what you are doing, you could actually injure yourself seriously.

So, be sure to read how to perform every exercise properly and don’t rush without knowing what you are doing.

Simple Weight Program






  • Crunches, 3 set, try to do at least 50 reps per set


  • In soccer, you need to have good strength in your legs, chest and neck in order to prevent injuries. As a soccer player you will often have tensed muscles at the inside and outside of your thighs. It is therefore critical to always warm up before the start of your practice.
  • Keep in mind that your main focus should be put on increasing your soccer strength and not building big muscles. I mean, you are a soccer player, not a super bodybuilder. As mentioned earlier in this article you should not lift weights more than twice per week.
  • Keep your focus on improving your soccer skills as they are the most important ones. Too much weight training will also make you slower which will of course affect your running speed. As I said, avoid focusing too much on building muscle and you will be just fine.