4 Conditioning Drills You Should Try Out!

Having good conditioning abilities is crucial for your soccer performance.

You should therefore not just read the tips outlined below; instead, use them as much as possible!

I’m not really one for jargon, so let’s go ahead and get to the tips!

1. Snow Running

This way of practicing is not an option if you live in a climate where snow is rarely seen.

But for those of you that know what snow is (here is Sweden it snows approximately about 4-5 months during the year) keep on reading.

Running in snow is like carrying heavy weights on your legs. It’s also pretty boring but my own experience is that this type of training will increase your overall soccer fitness greatly.

Our coach used to force us to run for 60-70 yards in the snow while carrying each other on our backs.

I can tell you that after completing one of my coach’s special practice sessions you would feel that nothing is impossible.

Keep in mind also that running in snow is a bit risky as you don’t know what is hiding under it, so be careful.

2. Running on The Sand

Practicing on your condition by running on the sand will not only bring you better condition levels, but you will also build more muscle as running on the sand requires a huge effort from your body.

You will also increase your flexibility and overall speed. This is why Brazilian soccer players are so fast with the ball because they often play on the sand with no shoes on their feet.

3. Hill Running

This one is pretty painful and is not recommended for untrained people. Hill running is generally used during pre-season to increase your condition levels high as possible. Beside good conditioning practice you will also increase your starting speed greatly.

4. Stair Runs

This method will build up your lactic acid tolerance and you will be able to run longer without getting cramps. I don’t know about you but running up stairs is one of my favorite ways of practicing on my soccer condition.

Final Words

I love to compete with myself and I recommend you to do the same as it will increase your concentration and force you to perform at your maximum.