Stretching Your Calf Muscles is Crucial

Stretching is the best injury preventing method for your legs. The most vital muscles you will need to stretch out are your calf muscles.

Thankfully, these muscles are pretty easy to stretch and will help you warm up properly in short time. Basically, the only thing you will need is 30 minutes of your free time and a steady wall.

The How To

The wall needs to be strong in order to support your weight during the stretching exercise. Try to stand about 2 to 3 feet away from it.

When you feel that your position is comfortable, place your left foot one step in front of you. Next, place your hands flat on the wall.

You need also to angle your other body parts to make them face the wall too. However, make sure that your elbows are lightly bent in order to provide good comfort.

Now start to bend slightly the knee of your left foot. It is very important to keep your left foot flat on the ground.

Keep in mind to let your body lean forward and follow with the movement of your left leg.

Your heels need to remain steady during the whole exercise. If you’ve done everything right, you will start to feel a little pressure in the calf muscle of your right leg.

During this part, you should begin with a little more pressure and gradually work out until you feel a higher pressure in your calf muscle.

It is recommended to hold this position for at least 20 seconds or more. Once you feel that you have held this position enough you should go back to your starting position.

Now, it is time to change your position and start to stretch the calf muscle of your left leg.

Start the exercise by placing the right foot forward and proceed on the same way as you did for your left leg.

It is vital to hold this position for the same amount of time as you did for your right leg.

By doing this you will ensure that both calf muscles receive the same work out. One thing you can do to improve this exercise is to have a partner that assist you.

The benefits from this are several. First, a partner can keep an eye on how long you have hold the current position.

They will also be able to immediately tell you whether or not you are performing the exercise properly.


Additionally, while stretching, it is important to have someone near you in case of an injury.

Stretching is a vital part of your overall fitness routine and will help you prevent many injuries.

Even if you feel that stretching is boring, you should never cheat during it. You’re really only cheating yourself, after all!

Trust me, it dosen’t matter how many soccer skills you know because failing to stretch properly will decrease your performance by several levels!