How to Avoid Cramping During Your Practice and Games

Cramps are often a type of condition that usually comes and goes quickly during your practice and game.

However, the pain that you may experience while having them can be tremendous.

In this article I will teach you some things you can do in order to avoid cramping while playing soccer.

The first thing you need to do is to understand that there are many different types of cramps.

You may experience these cramps for a variety of reasons.

What is a Cramp?

A cramp is the process in which your muscles experience a spasm that is involuntary.

A cramp may be the result from various changes throughout your whole body, condition of the atmosphere, physically demanding exercises and also serious medical diseases.

Determining The Cause

If you face one or more cramps while playing soccer you should try to investigate and determine the actual cause of your cramps.

This will make it easier for you to prevent the cramp to occur in the future and you will be able to recognize it faster.

Avoid Large Meals

The second thing you need to understand is that eating a large meal of food prior to your practice or game is a bad thing.

Not only can this type of behavior lead to cramps, it may also make you very sick, especially if the weather is sunny and warm.

Try to eat lightly prior to your practice. Once you are done with your soccer playing you may eat a big meal of food as long as you are cooled down and relaxed.

Right Equipment

The third thing you can do in order to prevent cramps while playing soccer is to make sure that your clothes and equipments fit your body properly.

The first thing to start with when talking about your equipment are your shoes.

Your shoes should fit your feet perfectly. If you wear a pair of shoes that are either too large or too small, you may face unpleasant cramps in your legs.

One more thing you can do is to ensure that your socks are not too thick or thin. Your socks may cause your cramping if they affect the way that your shoes fit.

Vitamins and Other Nutrients

The fourth thing you can do to avoid cramps is to make sure that your soccer diet contains plenty of vitamins and other important types of nutrients.

A cramp is often a direct result of having few key nutrients in your body. One way of getting enough vitamins in your body is to buy a multivitamin drink.

However, my personal experience is that eating fruits (bananas, apples, oranges and so on) will provide you with all necessary vitamins that you will need.

Stretching is Vital

The fifth and last thing you can to in order to avoid getting cramps is to stretch properly.

proper warming up will help you ensure that your muscles are loose.

It will also get your body ready for the physical demand that is required during your soccer game or practice.

If you attempt to play soccer without warming up you will stand a big risk of getting cramps and serious injuries.


If you follow these tips you can be pretty sure to avoid most cramps during your practice and games.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed but the chances are very low if you don’t cheat.