Discover How To Increase Your Power

Having good power is crucial for your performance and you will not come any far without it.

In this part you will get tips on how to increase your overall power while having fun.

Performing Runs With The Ball

Did you know that running with a ball is more physically demanding comparing to running without it?

The reason is that you will need both to keep your focus on controlling the ball and maintaining your speed.

So, how will this help you improve your power on the field? Well, each time you run fast with a ball at your feet your power scale will increase a little bit.

The more runs you perform the higher power scale. However, it is important to keep in mind that you will not develop any super power abilities in only few weeks. These things take time!

This is something that takes time and you need to practice on it regularly to maintain what you’ve achieved and to increase your power scale.

Another positive thing with this type of soccer training is that you will increase the control of the ball.


Swimming is great for soccer players because you will not only build your power, you will also get a bonus in form of improved conditioning.

I like to swim at least twice per month because it is relaxing and great for building power.

However, if you live in a country with warm weather you may be able to swim at least once per week. Don’t forget that you might have access to some indoor pools.

Boxing or Other Similar Sports

Now you may think that I don’t know what I am talking about. Yes, I know you are a soccer player not a fighter.

However, boxing, judo and other martial art sports are great for both building your power and increasing your conditioning.

I think that practicing boxing or some other martial sport once per month is more than enough. Just keep in mind that you are looking for better power and not to learn how to fight.

Running on The Sand

Have you ever tried to run on sand? Well, I can tell you that it is really fun but also very intense.

However, running on the sand will beside giving you stronger muscles and improving your overall condition also build your power.

Besides just building up stronger muscles, running on the sand improves your overall conditioning.

It makes it easier to build your overall power as well, abilities that will translate well into your active soccer games.

But, if you don’t live in a warm country then finding warm and soft sand to run on can be pretty though.

Here in Sweden, I really appreciate running on the sand. This because our summer only last for 3 months and during these months I really try to run on the sand as often I can.


Try to adapt these tips during your regular practice as often as possible. Realize that power is an important part of your soccer fitnes and you should try to improve it as often as you can.