Learn How to Perform at Your Maximum During Your Soccer Game

In this guide I will give you some tips for what measures you can take in order to perform maximum during your game.

Performing well in a soccer game can mean a ticket to a professional contract as you never know who is actually watching your games.

That’s why you always should try to do your best. My experience is that 3 things will affect your performance in a soccer game:

  • Preparation
  • Focus
  • Concentration


Good preparation includes (beside good soccer fitness abilities) proper nutrition, a good night of sleep, the right hydration (drinking plenty of water) and rest.

Proper nutrition means eating enough quality carbohydrates (more about this in the nutrition guide).

You should try to sleep at least 8 hours as it is scientifically proved that 8 hours is what a soccer player needs in order to recover properly. How much water you should drink is affected by the weather.

During warm and hot weather circumstances you should try to drink at least 2 liters of water during your practice or game day. However, in cold weather you may drink a maximum of 2 liters or so.


Keeping your focus on the current game is harder then it may seem to be. One rule you should have is to never underestimate your opponents. You should see every game as a final which means maximum focus.

I know by experience that focusing on how bad the pitch is or on the weather can easily disturb your focus on the game. Avoid wasting your energy on these things and only focus on your soccer skills and performance.


While playing a soccer game it is vital to concentrate on your own game. Don’t complain at your teammates if they make mistakes. This will only lead to more arguing and you will not get anywhere arguing.

In addition, arguing takes away your ability to think about what really matters to you. You’re so worked up by anger that you can’t think straight.

It is also scientifically proven that arguing with your own teammates may decrease your performance by 30 %. Think about that next time you play a game.