Different Parts of Soccer Fitness

Fitness training for soccer can be divided into 8 parts. Each of these parts is crucial for your overall fitness training.

Leaving out any of these will decrease your soccer performance. It is therefore important to take each part seriously and practice on them regularly with maximum concentration and focus.

Type of Fitness TrainingBenefits
Stamina TrainingA good level of stamina will help you stay fit and avoid injuries. One way of determining your overall stamina level is to use interval training. This is a type of training that contains periods of high intensity runs that are combined with rest and light jogging. Having a good level of stamina will not only make it easier to run longer distance, your will also build your tolerance of lactic acid. Remember that lactic acid is that burning feeling in your muscles.
Muscular EnduranceDuring a regular game you will need to run about 35 minutes and only have possession of the ball approximately in 2 minutes. Also, executing 60-70 yards requires a lot of effort and by increasing your muscular endurance it will be easier for you to perform these.
Muscular StrengthYour ability to jump, pass, turn and head the ball will improve. It will also be harder for your opponents to stop you. Shooting and tackling harder are also parts that you will improve. However, the most important thing with muscular strength is that you will reduce the risk of getting injured. It is therefore crucial to build up your muscular strength during your preseason.
Sprinting FastSprinting fast on a soccer field is vital for your overall performance. For example, it will help you reach the ball quicker, dribble past your opponents and avoid your marker. Your sprinting abilities need to be maintained during every practice. One easy way for doing that is to perform quick runs with ball.
Stretching ProperlyBy stretching, you will increase the flexibility of your muscles which will increase your performance on the field. When stretching, you should start slowly and gradually involve all parts of your body to prepare it for physical effort. A well performed warm up will greatly reduce the risk of getting injured. It will also help you focus on the game directly from the start.
Reactions SpeedReaction speed will affect all parts of your soccer game. Having a good reaction speed is crucial especially if you are playing as the goalkeeper. Being able to dive, jump and catch balls with precision will depend much on your reaction speed.
Proper NutritionProper nutrition is crucial for improving your soccer fitness and performance on the field. With proper nutrition, your recovery time will also be shorter after every game and practice. Keep in mind that your performance depends on what you are eating. The more quality food you eat (see nutrition guide) the better performance. It’s really that simple!
Soccer PsychologyIf you want to become a professional soccer player, psychology on the field will be one of the crucial parts for your success. If you feel that you have problem with your soccer psychology, you should consider contacting a sport psychologist. He can provide you with advice and suggestions on how to tackle your psychological problems the field.