How To Do Sit-Ups?

Performing sit-ups is a good way for getting stronger abdominal muscles. This group of muscles is crucial for your soccer fitness and performance on the field.

You will for example be able to win more duels, run faster and also lower your risk of getting injured. Here is how to perform sit ups in 6 simple steps:

1. Start by lying down on the ground. Keep your knees bent and place your feet on the ground.

2. Now, place your both hands on the opposing shoulders so that your arms are formed like an X.

3. Tighten your abdominal muscles.

4. Keep your feet on the ground.

5. Now, lift your body about 45 degrees from the ground.

6. Hold that position for a second.

7. Now, slowly return to your start position and repeat the step 5-6. Try to do at least 30-40 reps per set.

Useful Tips

If you feel that keeping your feet on the ground is difficult you could ask a teammate to hold them down while you are concentrating on performing the exercise right. Form is very important!

If you are new to soccer you should start out slowly and gradually increase the amount of reps. It is also important to stretch out your stomach muscles. You can stretch them by:

  • Lying down on your back.
  • Having your elbows bent and hands under your shoulders.
  • Have your feet on the ground.
  • Straighten your arms so your back is arched.

I like to use sit-ups as a complement for my regular soccer training. In my opinion the best time for performing sit-ups is directly after your practice.

Your body will already be warmed up and you don’t need to perform any extra exercises in order to prepare yourself for your sit-up session.

Easy to Perform Exercise

One thing I like with sit-ups is that they are very easy to perform but still very powerful.

You can also perform them in places with little space which is another reason for why you should involve them in your regular soccer training.

If you need another challenge, you can use some form of weight. Simply, put that weight on your chest and hold it on the place during the exercise.

This will make your stomach muscles bigger and you will also increase your power.