How to Perform Pushups The Right Way

Knowing how to perform pushups correctly is an important part of your soccer fitness. One common question is you need to do in order to gain the maximum benefit possible from it.

Well, this question is pretty hard to answer as no one can actually tell you exactly how many you need to do.

However, one simple rule you can have is to keep on doing pushups until you feel that you absolutely cannot get another rep in.

The How to

Here is how to perform pushups in 6 steps:

Step 1 – Start by lying chest-down and keep your hands at the shoulder level. Also, have your feet together on the ground and parallel to each other.

Step 2 – Look forward as much as possible – this will lead to better form!

Step 3 – Now, try to keep your legs straight.

Step 4 – Now, push your body up off the floor. Don’t either bend or arch the upper or lower back while pushing your body up.

Step 5 – Slowly lower your body towards the floor. Try also to keep your body straight and have your feet together.

Step 6 – Make sure that you chest is touching the ground before lifting your body up. You should also keep your knees off the floor and also try to inhale as your bend your arms.

Why You Should Do it?

So, do you need to perform pushups every day? Well, of course you don’t need to perform them every day but if you can, then why not?

You will ultimately find that a rest day between pushup sessions can help you get better muscle gains than if you overtrain.

I prefer to perform 5 sets and 20 reps per each set every two days or so. However, this is individual and you may increase this number if you want.


The most important thing with pushups is to perform them slowly. Also, having your arms widely apart will affect your chest while having them closer will affect your triceps.

However, I prefer to do my pushups by making my arms just a little wider than my shoulder width.

This is of course up to the individual and you may perform pushups in a way that fits your needs best.

At the end of the day, fitness in soccer is still going to be important.

I’m saying that you have to be consumed by soccer fitness, but the more fit you are, the easier it will be to learn the proper soccer skills necessary to take your soccer game to the next level.