Beep Test is Feared By Every Soccer Player

The beep test is used to estimate your maximum VO2 Max uptake (aka oxygen uptake). This test is great for monitoring your overall running abilities and that is why it is so popular in the world of soccer.

A beep test is about running, running and running again. The test is usually performed by running between two cones which are generally 22 yards apart. It is generally preformed by using a pre-recorded CD or tape that plays beeps between every completed interval.

As the longer test proceeds the beeps between each performed interval will start to beep faster and faster. This will of course force you to increase your overall speed and you will get more tired. The test is usually separated into twenty three levels.

Each Level is 60 Seconds Long

Every level generally lasts for 60 seconds. You will approximately need a speed of of 5 miles/h to perform well. The speed increases by 0.3 miles/h per completed level. Each new level is generally signaled by three fast beeps. The highest reached level before failing to keep up the running is noted as your overall score.

The test provide a very good spread in results, which gives you a hint of which soccer fitness level you are currently at.

How to Perform Well

Performing well on a beep test is not just about running. You need also to prepare your body for this exercise. Here are some basic tips of how you can gain better result on your test:

Be Sure to Warm Up properly

Warm up at least 10 minutes before the start of test. By warming up you will tell you body to get prepared for physical activity. It is also important to stretch proper to make your muscles soft and also to avoid injuries.

Take it Easy First 10 Levels

The first 10 levels of the test will be pretty easy. You will have no problems with maintaining your speed and keep up with other teammates. The first 10 levels of test are just a warm up and you will barely get tired.

But, the real test starts after the level 10. My advice to you is to take it easy and spend few seconds on the line and wait for next beep. You will spare energy and will be able to run longer. Stamina really is everything here!

Fast Turning

Your turns at the line will play a huge part in how well you will perform at the beep test. During the test you will be turning every twenty meters so you must know how to turn properly.

One way of doing this is using the netball turn where you actually turn directly on the spot. The worst turn you can make is the circle where you need about 4 seconds to perform the turn.

Cooling Down Yourself

Be sure to stretch and drink enough water after a completed beep test.

Don’t lie down on the ground after the end of test. Instead, try to walk around and relax your body by shaking your legs and arms.

Don’t Participate if You Feel Sick

Don’t participate if you are dealing with a respiratory infection or have some other health condition.

It can be very dangerous because your body will be exposed to extreme physical strains which may cause you serious problems.

You may collapse or in worst case your heart may stop. Whatever you do, don’t participate in physical exercises if you are sick!!!

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