Why Do You Need Aerobic Training for Soccer?

Aerobic training will not only influence your endurance performance but also the ability to perform at maximum levels.

This type of soccer training will show its value especially at the end of your team’s matches.

Studies have shown that soccer players with good aerobic levels often score more goals at the end of games.

So if you have better aerobic abilities than your opponents you will surely be harder to stop and score more goals in the final minutes.

But scoring more goals are not the only benefits you will gain from proper aerobic training.

Check out this list and you will realize that besides getting better in soccer you will also increase your health abilities!

Health Benefits of Aerobic Training

The most common health benefits of anaerobic training are following:

  • Your body fat percentage will be reduced.
  • Controlling your weight will be easier.
  • Your blood pressure will decrease (especially important if you already have high blood pressure).
  • Your heart rate will also decrease both in exercise and rest.
  • Your lactic threshold will increase which will improve your endurance.
  • Your good cholesterol levels will increase which will help your body control the bad cholesterol.
  • You will also get improved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin resistance.

Improving Your Aerobic Levels

How can you practice your aerobic performance? Well, we can start by discussing what you should not do.

If you thought that a countless number of miles and hours of running during the week will increase your aerobic performance than you are pretty wrong!

Running several miles a week will affect your soccer speed negatively and you will get slower and slower.

This because your muscles will adapt them to long and slow running and you will indirectly became slower.

Training Properly

So, how should you train properly? Well, an effective way to gain better aerobic levels as a soccer player is to perform tempo runs.

Here is a short guideline of how to perform tempo runs properly:

  • Your arms should be loose and relaxed.
  • Your upper body should be leaned slightly forward.
  • Have your muscles relaxed and stay straight up.
  • Do not move your body around.
  • You also need to take large strides with your legs.

A perfect running technique is something that takes time to learn. When I’m running, I always try to keep in mind to be relax, bend my upper body forward and move fast with my arms.

I call it the three basic rules of running and it has really helped me to increase my overall speed.

Keep in mind also that learning to run properly may take some time and you really need to focus on it one hundred percent.

Try it for yourself in your next practice session and see the difference immediately!


Aerobic training will bring you good speed but it’s important to remember that your speed will not be worth very much without top notch ball control.