The 4-3-3 With Triangular Midfield

The 4-3-3 triangular midfield formation puts a holding central midfielder above the 4 backs with two attacking midfielders behind the three forwards.

The wing forwards are the workhorses of this formation as it flexes between a 4-3-3 on attack and 4-5-1 on defense.

The defenders in this formation are not asked to overlap, but to provide support to the wings and service either to the feet of forwards checking back to the ball or a switch of play to the opposite wing with a long flighted pass.

The 4-3-3 triangular midfield

The vulnerable space between the forwards and outside backs in defensive transition can be dealt with by utilizing very fast and fit wingers who can track back effectively and a patient back four who keep good shape (bolstered by the holding defensive central midfielder).

Highly Offensive

This is a highly offensive formation and requires a lot of hard work in order to be utilized successfully.

I’ve been playing as a defensive midfielder in this formation and I know by experience that offensive midfielders will often find themselves standing in a line (during the defense) together with the forward line.

It is therefore important to highlight this and coordinate your your OM’ers (offensive midfielders) back to their starting position once your team loses the ball.


As with any other soccer formation, it is very critical to really make all players aware of their task on the field as one player could make the whole team fail.

This is not the time to show off your soccer skills or try to make yourself look like the most important player ever. Teamwork is the answer, always!